Michele Fulkerson is the
Doce Vida Fitness Yoga Ambassador visit their site for fabulous workout clothing selections.

"Doce Vida Fitness clothing has surpassed my expectations in comfort, style and function. I have put it to the test wearing it hiking through island jungles during fitness boot camps, filming yoga videos on the beaches of Puerto Rico and teaching power yoga indoors! It is the first step on the path to the "sweet life" as its name so perfectly states."
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Peace and be well,
Ultimate Inner Core Team
Doce Vida Fitness Clothing in action- Photo Gallery
Ultimate Inner Core's philosophy is based on living peacefully and sustainably. Caring about the environment around us from the ground up!  It is about surrounding yourself with strength and beauty, putting great food into your body and loving yourself and those around you.  It is about exercising in a stimulating setting! Drawing from the energy of nature.  Bringing light into your world and spreading it throughout humanity.

Peace and Namaste!